Data Science

Data Science

Today data comes in abnormally huge (Big Data) volumes from various sources and in different formats which can be either structured or unstructured. This makes it very complicated to identify the insights for better predictions.

As we are aware, majority of the business functions are extremely competitive in nature mainly to predict or foresee the future business trends. Keeping this in view, IQA has its own Analytical Framework which is used for both traditional statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms. This helps companies, industries to generate more revenue, less risks, customer retention, identifying loyal customers etc.,

IQA is not just restricted to one domain, instead we help serve our customers who comes in with different business challenges from various domains such as:


Banks reconsider their business profiles quiet often as they adopt to the new Global Regulations, Guidelines and Compliance, IQA recognizes & understands the importance of evolving changes in the Banking domain to achieve their goals:

  • Credit Risk Analytics.
  • Fraud Analytics.
  • Customer Analytics/ Customer LifeTime (CLT) value/ CRM Analytics.
  • Direct Market Campaigns.
  • Loyal Customer Retention.


The Retail business has evolved over the recent time. Thus, traditional retailers need to change their business models and the way they do business to keep pace and excel as digital merchandizers. IQA’s Retail solutions and services combined with retail analytics helps the business to identify the customer's needs, patterns and their spending abilities there by increasing the revenues.


Automotive Industry has gone beyond just moving vehicles. It is about intelligence, smartness, high performance, eco-friendly, audio-video experience, telematics, mobility, social media and analytics. It is about providing innovative engineering solutions in a cost-effective package.

IQA services and solutions works with automotive manufacturers in leveraging SMAC technologies to reduce operational costs and time for launching new product, that could deliver a connected experience to customers and help engage customer through lifetime.


The industry is experiencing frequent travelling and majorly seat occupancy either in domestic or International Arena. The Airlines companies can predict their future needs and offer strategic pricing designed to earn the maximum profit from the travelers. We customize the analytical solutions for any challenges pertaining to the Airlines Domain.


Understanding the performance drivers of a corporation's IT infrastructure requires real-time, comprehensive insight to pinpoint problems and identify potential Solutions. Achieving this kind of information requires the next-generation analytical tools. We at IQA had a proven track-record for providing such type of solutions.

We have customized analytical frame work for better optimization of the Infrastructure with operational excellence.


Manufacturers can take advantage of advanced analytics to reduce the process flaws saving time and money. Advanced analytics refers to the application of statistics and other mathematical tools to business data in order to assess and improve practices. IQA helps customer with a business model which can help negotiate better and meet standards while retaining customers considering the quality.